I Help High-Performing Women Chart the Course to a Second Act Career Adventure

One-on-One Coaching to Make the Leap to Your Next, Best Act

Ready to Ditch the Burnout and Boredom for the Career You Deserve?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Never Ending to-Do List

It’s 5 pm and you’re still at your desk looking at a massive to-do list. You wonder if you really want to do this) for another ten years

The No Growth Zone

You’re the “go to” person for pretty much everything in your organization but the opportunity for growth just doesn’t seem to be there. And you’ve asked.

Scared, Stuck and Stumped

You know the smart move is to make a career change now but feel terrified because you think: 1 – it’s too late, 2- it’s too hard, 3- it’s too risky, and 4 -you have no idea how to even get started.

Headshot of Nancy

I Know How You Feel

Nancy LIght, Certified Professional Career Coach

For over 30 years, I loved my career heading up communications for the premiere organization representing California wines. I thought I’d be doing it for years. Until things changed. In my case, it was an office move that I knew I couldn’t make.
I felt disappointed, confused and trapped. I was afraid that I couldn’t find a role that fit and paid as well, despite being at the top of my game professionally. At that point in my life, I didn’t want to just take another job.
Does this sound familiar? Maybe it’s the money, the remote work, the love for what you do or something else that’s keeping you trapped in a career that’s not a good fit anymore.

Fear of change makes people hold tight to roles and situations that no longer bring out their best. Or worse, leaves them feeling depleted in their lives and work most of the time.

There’s a better way. It starts by getting unstuck and seeing the bigger picture. Then, designing a vision for your next act that gets the creative juices flowing again. I work with women, step-by-step to build a plan to find and make the career move that’s calling them.

Signature Coaching Program

Introducing the Second Act Career Roadmap

In my six-month VIP program, the Second Act Career Roadmap, I’ll personally guide you in finding the next role/career/business that ideally suits you. My signature five-step program will provide a clear path to the right mindset and a plan, tools, support and accountability to make the move to a career with greater freedom and more fulfillment. You’ll feel inspired and motivated as you progress towards your dream. For details, and to apply for the program, click the button below.

Here's What Life Looks Like in Your Second Act

Here's How You Get There

three Steps to Your Dream Second Act

Book Your Discovery Call

Click the button below to book your free Second Act Career Audit. Together, we’ll start to clarify your goals and challenges and outline a plan to overcome the obstacles to finding work you love.

Create the Mindset, Vision and Strategy

Using my proven strategies, you’ll get "unstuck" and tap into a mindset that’s open to possibilities. Then, we’ll streamline your transition into a role that offers fulfillment and freedom in your work and life.

Refresh Your Personal Brand & Network

Your Second Act transition will include a resume, bio and LinkedIn profile that reflect who you are today. You’ll build a networking strategy that harnesses your relationships and reputation and acquire skills to ace the interviews, negotiations and exit plan.

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