About Nancy Light

My Ideal Second Act is Helping Other Women Find Theirs

I know how you feel. I loved my career heading up communications for the premiere organization representing California wines around the world. I thought I’d be doing it for years. Until things changed. In my case, an office move that I knew I couldn’t make.  

I felt disappointed, confused and, frankly, trapped. I was tempted to make the move because I was so afraid that I couldn’t find a role that fit and paid as well, despite being at the top of my game professionally. At that point in my life, I didn’t want to just take another job. 

Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe it’s the money, the remote work, the love for what you do or something else that’s keeping you trapped in a career that’s not a good fit anymore…. But, there’s hope!

I wanted a Second Act. Work I could get excited about. After years of the confines of corporate life, that turned out to be my own career coaching business which I discovered through work with a gifted coach. I earned certification as a coach from IPEC, a top-ranked coach training program, and from ICF, the organization that sets standards for coaching internationally.

I use my decades of experience advising CEO’s, senior managers and business owners on communications and marketing strategy to help high-performing women use their talents, skills and networks to find Second Acts that offer the freedom, fulfillment and a sense of adventure they’ve earned.

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