Can This Job Be Saved?

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It may sound odd for a career coach to talk about how to save your job. But there’s a good reason. For about 20% of my clients, that next great act is the one they already have – with some major changes. For the other 80%, making an effort to improve the situation has big benefits. You get to enjoy work more now. You learn that you control your own work satisfaction. It sets you on the path, when you are ready, for a graceful transition to a well-considered next move.

Here’s how to get started:

Is this fixable? “Am I happy” is too simple a question. If you routinely feel exhausted, burned-out and uninspired, that’s a powerful signal for change. But, even with once-loved work, things change. You change. To delve deeper, consider if your workplace or business is a healthy environment for you. Are there opportunities for the kind of growth and environment that you’re seeking at this stage in your life and career? Are you willing to make changes, starting with your own view of the situation and responses to what is causing you stress.

What can I change? Work these days is more malleable than most people think. With the right plan and approach, schedules, locations, compensation, benefits and titles can be negotiated.   Projects,  teams and clients can be changed. The first step is to take a clear-eyed view of patterns with recurring negative outcomes. What’s your role?  How might you reframe your view and habitual actions that flow from it to achieve a different result? Start taking a pause before responding to known triggers.  Be curious and open about what others are doing and why. You’ll be surprised at the solutions that present themselves. You’ll be amazed how others change in response to a change in your approach.

What do I really want? If you can recognize your role and commit to making an effort to improve the situation, you’re halfway there. Next, think about what changes – big and small –  will best boost your satisfaction. What strongly-held values need to be honored? What are your non-negotiables? Where are you willing to make accommodations? These don’t all have to be major changes to make a difference. Make a checklist and prioritize. Then, take action on the priorities that seem most achievable now and will set you in motion towards your bigger goal.

Getting into the right mindset, seeing the options and overcoming fears is the first phase of my signature Second Act Career Roadmap program. My six-month VIP program is a highly customized, one-on-one approach offering guidance, motivation, support, accountability and a plan for high-achieving women in mid-to-late career who are ready for a change.  If you’re interested in exploring what you could achieve with the right guidance and support, sign up for a complimentary 45-minute Second Act Career Audit.

Second Act Career Audit

Navigating to a new role, especially when you’re an established professional, can feel daunting. What do I really want to do? How do I find the right role? Can I command what I’m worth? How do I find out?

My Second Act Career Audit is designed to help you answer those questions and more. Together, we’ll clarify your goals and challenges and outline a strategy to get you on your way to your next, best act.

I hold these calls personally, so space is limited. If you’re ready to take the first step towards a career that lights you up again, click below to apply for a call and schedule your complimentary Second Act Career Audit.

Life buoy floating on sea to rescue people. Safety equipment.

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