Gut Check

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This January, I did a gut check – literally. After experiencing severe allergic reactions last year, I decided that I needed to let my body lead me in discovering what I need to do next.


For 29 days, it’s been no sugar, no dairy, no grains, no caffeine, no alcohol, no shellfish, no beans, no olive oil, no you-name-it. The first week I was worried that I wouldn’t find anything to eat. But I settled in. And I’m feeling good and happy about having taken control.


The decision to leave a job or long-time career because things are not quite right – or, indeed, very wrong – is kind of like that. You can know all the reasons for making a break: 

more money, better work/life balance, peace of mind, feeling valued, opportunity for growth, using your creativity, working with a boss/clients/team you respect and so on.


But until you listen to the signals that your body is sending that things need to change, you probably won’t take action. It’s just so much easier to maintain the status quo. But things rarely get better from there.


So how do you know if your gut is telling you to make the brave decision to go?


Here are five signs to listen for: 


Excuses – If you’re constantly making excuses for staying stuck in a role where you’re unhappy and stagnating, “I only plan to work for another ten years, why change now” or “How can I leave my colleagues, team, clients, in a lurch”, go on the alert. Ask yourself what you have to gain by even seriously considering moving to a new role that excites you and what you could miss out on by staying.


Confusion – Confusion is fear masquerading as a mountain of seemingly unanswerable questions that hold you in place. Who would pay me to do work I love? How can I risk the security of a job in this economy? Will my skills be up to snuff in a new environment? Am I overqualified, underqualified, too specialized, too generalized, too inexperienced, too old?


No Time – Another mind trick where you tell yourself that you’ll think about making a change when things finally settle down and you can focus. But years go by, things get busier and that time never materializes. You’re stuck in a quagmire of work dissatisfaction that spills over into your entire life.


It’s Okay – You once had dreams about how rewarding your work would be – and maybe you even experienced that at one time.  But it’s been a long while. Still, you tell yourself, things are not so bad. I’m paid decently, mostly like the people, feel competent at what I do. Isn’t that good enough? Only you can answer that question but if that’s a recurring thought, it might be trying to tell you not to give up on your dreams.


No Idea – Related to confusion but this time it’s around “what to do.”  Maybe you really never connected with the career roles you’ve had so you think it’s not possible to really love your work. Or, you’re so invested in what you do and where you do – even though it’s frustrating and boring – that you can’t even imagine what else you’d do or how to begin the process of finding out.


If this describes you or someone you love, I’d like to share a plan. My signature Second Act Career Roadmap provides five clear steps. First, we’ll get you in the right mindset and set a vision for your search. Then, with customized tools, guidance and accountability, I’ll help you see what’s possible and streamline the move to a career with greater freedom and fulfillment. Instead of being overwhelmed, you’ll feel inspired as you progress towards your goals. 


Check out my website to learn more and download my free guide to changing  in mid-to-late career. 

Second Act Career Audit

Navigating to a new role, especially when you’re an established professional, can feel daunting. What do I really want to do? How do I find the right role? Can I command what I’m worth? How do I find out?

My Second Act Career Audit is designed to help you answer those questions and more. Together, we’ll clarify your goals and challenges and outline a strategy to get you on your way to your next, best act.

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